Safety Driving Centre is the first Driving Institute to teach J.P.J. (Road Transport Department) Curriculum. Our most significant achievement has been our contribution to  making our roads safer for all by teaching our students special road  skills such as defensive driving.

We have made substantial additions to our fleet of light and heavy vehicles used for training purposes. We have given special attention to road safety of light & heavy vehicle drivers especially in view of the government’s concern
in this matter.

We have conducted free public seminars and given free lectures on safe / defensive driving techniques during festive seasons. Our syllabus places a lot of emphasis on defensive driving techniques. Hence our students ‘graduate’ with all the necessary skills for safe driving.

As part of our community services, we conduct regular courses on safe Driving and Riding for the Disabled.

We have a monthly student intake of about 400. About 85 % of our students pass the written test while 90% get through the practical test.