Professional Driver Training

Enhancement of Ethics In The Service Industry


Program Content
Basics of Excellence Service as a Driver

• Concept and the importance of excellence service

• Roles and Responsibilities of driver

• Traits and work behaviors of excellence driver

• Building of image and personality of professional drivers


Maintaining good relationship with passengers

• The importance of good relationship with passengers

• Understanding the habits and passengers’ need

• Creating comfortable and cheerful ambience

• Tips on inculcating cordial relations with passengers

• The mannerism treating VIP passengers

• Guidance on Defensive Driving

• The importance of safe driving

• Road Accident factors

• Bad attitudes of driving

• Safe Driving Techniques during bad whether conditions

• Driving at poor road conditions

• Tips on Vehicle Maintenance

• The importance of vehicle maintenance

• Contributing factors for vehicle breakdown

• Minor malfunctions and repairs

• Engine maintenance and proper vehicle inspection

• Internal cleanliness

• Journey management