Mohd Sin Bin Miamat Khan

Senior Driving Trainer

Years of Service : 2000 - 2018


A Certified Trainer by Road Transport Department (JPJ) since year 2000 with teaching experience of more than 40 years. He is a highly skilled driving instructor with proficiency in heavy vehicle training.

He has also conducted various Driving Programs locally and internationally including Government and Non-Government Organisations.

As a professional trainer, Ali implements the coaching element into the training programs to ensure that participants can measure the result they want to achieve.

His clients include Government sectors of Malaysia, Myanmar, Sabah and Sarawak, SMIs, SMEs, Multinational Companies and Industries ranging from manufacturing, pharmaceutical, oil and gas and ready mix cement companies.

Thousands of people have gained from his practical experiences and lives have been changed because of his commitment and enthusiasm to reduce road accident and safe lives.