E. Vijay

Chief Trainer

Years of Service : 1998 - 2018

Career Experience

He is an awesome trainer with more than 20 years experience in the field of defensive driving, riding, training and road safety management He is also a service advisor for Proton. He has imparted his knowledge and expertise to many well – established organizations and corporate companies whom have benefitted tremendously from his training.

He has conducted more than 30 sessions for the Qualified Testing Officer’s (QTO) course, more than 50 sessions for the Driving Instructor’s course, more than 40 sessions of Forklift operation training as well as practical training for Hanson Heidelberg Cement Group-FEL drivers in their northern, eastern, central and southern region quarries. In total, he has trained more than 5500 participants during his defensive driving and riding courses.

Participants of his defensive driving courses will learn how to manage and practice visibility, time and space to achieve efficient driving performance. Participants are also exposed to a list of maneuvers, braking exercises, under steer and over steer correction. Participants can enhance their driving strength by being more perceptive of critical driving situations and responding appropriately and safety.

Academic & Training Qualifications

1988-1989 : Diploma in Motor Vehicle Engineering Federal Institute of Technology, Malaysia

2000 : Certified SPIM Trainer (B, D, E) Road Transport Department (JPJ), Malaysia

2001 : Qualified Testing Instructor Road Transport Department (JPJ), Malaysia

2004 : Drivers Education Curriculum Lecturer (KPP) Road Transport Department (JPJ), Malaysia

2007 : Certified Vocational Trainer Road Transport Department (JPJ), Malaysia

2013 : PSMB Train The Trainer Programme (TTT) Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad, Malaysia

2014 : Certified Training Of Trainers Road Transport Department (JPJ), Malaysia

2015 : Professional Certified Train The Trainer Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad, Malaysia